Modular Critical Care & Mass Casualty Kits

The HiRO system includes patent pending breakthrough advancements in drone and telemedicine technology that allow a remote physician to triage a disaster in real time using:​

  • HiRO SAVE Bag mass casualty kit can support large scale emergencies of up to 100 casualties or be distributed to multiple events via "mini-kits".​

  • HiRO kits contain video and lighting technology to provide images from the scene that are broadcast to the physician (enabling even untrained bystanders to administer life-saving aide and support)

  • HiRO medical kits are lightweight, durable and highly-portable and can be customized to address various medical, environmental, delivery, or other mission objectives

3 cups


3 cups


1½ cups



  • First Responder Smart Glasses: Optical head-mounted, hands-free smart-glasses for on-site responder

  • Cellular/Radio/Sat-link communications

  • Electronic Medical Records Tracking System

  • Wireless vital signs monitoring sensors​​

  • ​Secure, remote/privilege access pharmaceutical compartments​​​​

  • Modular payload configuration to address emergency critical care requirements (perishable items such as whole blood, IV fluids, CBRN counter-agents)