The Healthcare Integrated Rescue Operations (HiRO) system was created to provide rapid access to life-saving medical supplies and specialized expertise to critically injured personnel in remote or hostile environments. 

HiRO is designed to support those responding to disasters and terrorism attacks, enabling greater lives saved through three major principles:


  • Greater Force Protection by extending the "golden hour" (or extended 72 hour Prolonged Field Care) through the increased use of additional emergent interventions that would otherwise not be used (Stop the Bleed).


  • Greater Force Multiplication by increasing

  • the capabilities and efficiencies of first responders through the use of highly advanced telemedical kits that contain advanced guidance technologies that enhance the capabilities of the first responder, whether that be a lay person (limited to no healthcare knowledge) or an experienced combat medic, by providing access to real time telemedical communication with a physician in a centralized telemedical facility.


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