Dr. Elin Gursky is an epidemiologist and technical expert in disaster preparedness and response and humanitarian crisis. She has led and informed large-scale outbreak response and disease containment domestically and internationally, most recently addressing the West Africa Ebola Outbreak through the UN Secretary General’s High-level Panel on the Global Response to Health Crises. Holding a Top-Secret Clearance, Dr. Gursky has worked with many federal agencies (DoD, HHS, DHS) and Congressional Subcommittees to develop national strategy and policy for deliberate and asymmetric threats. She developed and facilitated a 2-day hemorrhagic fever exercise for PACOM, has advised JTF-CS, and has addressed issues related to force health protection for Category A Agents and DSCA requirements for post-exposure mass countermeasures distribution. Dr. Gursky received her Doctor of Science degree at Johns Hopkins University and her humanitarian training (International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance) at Fordham University. She has broad experience working in low-resource areas and leading thought and consensus with country leaders, ministries, international organizations (UN, WHO, NGO’s, NATO, the EU, and others) and international military representatives. A frequently invited guest speaker and lecturer, Dr. Gursky has edited two books and published over 50 journal articles.

Dr. Elin Gursky

Global Health Strategist​